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Always wanted to publish your own printed book? Now's your chance with Pagerr's Hardcover Books! Whether you just need the one or a couple more to share around, you can order booklets that showcase your company's journey right here! Print your message with the 'turtle shell' of booklets to protect up to 200 pages of pictures and text. With multiple convenient sizes to choose, just select a paper type and easily order the perfect look for your custom book.
  • Available from just one piece
  • Available up to 200 pages
  • Stunning way to display your photos
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  • Available from just one piece
  • Available up to 200 pages
  • Stunning way to display your photos
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    Additional information

    Submission specifications

    Submitting your artwork is easy, simply follow these instructions when you design & upload the artwork for your standard posters. Click on an instruction for more information.

    Save the file for booklets as multi-page PDF document.
    Add 3 mm bleed.
    Keep 15 mm safety margin for the cover
    Keep 4 mm safety margin
    Resolution of at least 300 dpi.
    View all submission specifications for this product






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    Hardcover Books by Pagerr Print

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    From Pagerr, you can choose your own print producers. You will always know who makes you the prints. This is our way to keep the personalized experience with printing online.

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    Guide for printing of Hardcover Books

    File size

    Make sure your print file has the same measurements as the product you are ordering.

    CMYK color space

    Colors look different on the screen and on print. In print, we use CMYK color space.

    Safe margins

    In print, every millimeter counts, that's why a safe margin is needed. +3mm inside and outside.

    Sharp images

    It's possible that good looking image comes out pixelated from the print. That's why all images should have 300dpi resolution.

    Special requirements

    For each product, there are some principles you need to follow. Please find the guide below.

    Print ready PDF
    Print-ready PDF

    If you follow all the guides, you will get print-ready PDF. Make sure all the sides of the print are saved in single PDF file.

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