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Sales team in Printing House waste a lot of time to generate manual price offers to potential customers. With Free Printing Price Quotes by Pagerr Sales time can save up to 40% time and onboard 2x more customers.

  • Integrates with any WordPress website
  • Provide local payment and shipping options
  • 10-minute setup – start selling right now

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 Free Printing Price Quotes by Pagerr

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Paper usage maximizer

  • Print more on the same material
  • Find matching orders on the same material
  • Offer discounted products
  • Find common leftovers

Print marketplace integration

  • Add products to the marketplace
  • Find new customers
  • Cross-border selling
  • Orders from Print API network

Online design tool

  • Let your customers design online
  • 1000+ Free design templates
  • 1 500 000+ free images & icons
  • Export as print-ready files

Smart pricing matrix

  • Set-up price matrix
  • Price depending on the fulfilment date
  • Unlimited products & prices
  • Smart pricing based on largest web2print sites

Files checker and repairer

  • Automated rip files
  • Fix over 20 common errors (black colour, images etc)
  • Advanced bleed maker
  • Error report emails to customer

Orders managing

  • Order timelines manager
  • Order status change notifications to customer
  • Errors handling
  • Custom workflows setup

Become Superprinter together with solutions from Pagerr. Adapt and transform your order flows digital. Take advantage of using the same tools that have been accessible only for the biggest Web2Print providers.


For your customers, there’s a new kind of ordering platform, which allows them to order anything online. This way you can forget the endless emails.

File checker & fixer

We will check your files for common mistakes, and will let the customer know what is wrong and how to make fixes. This can save a lot of time for you.

Automatic layouts

We can optimize all your jobs, and add the missing ones at the empty print areas. This way, you can take out the maximum of the resource you already have.

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Stand out from 100 000’s printing companies in Europe.

Your company can be special. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd and become environmentally friendly with extra benefits.

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Get all solutions needed to run a successful Web 2 Print store. We help you to get the site running within 1 week. Get advantage of the tools that have been accessible for the biggest web2print pages. Optimize the whole production process from smooth web ordering, files handling and fixing, repro work, automated layout generation and smart pricing.

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